Budget Polytunnels

Tullamore Show

We are heading to the Tullamore Show tomorrow lets just hope that the sun will still be shining :) Drop in and say hello and see our new clip system for the tunnels.

Budget Polytunnels for gardening all year round

With the Irish weather letting us down on the summer again, now is a good time to consider an indoor garden.

A polytunnel is a great way to garden indoors all year round; it will keep you dry from the rain and will give you a good space for growing your Fruit and Vegetables. You will also notice that your crops will grow better inside as they will be protected from the bad weather.

We supply a number of different options in the Budget Tunnel which you can buy in kit form from €570 for self assembly. Price includes delivery & VAT.

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Other Polytunnel range

Full range of polytunnels

We also supply and construct a bigger range of tunnel sizes with optional features.

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Polytunnel Accessories

We supply a large range of polytunnel accessories, from

1.5m and 2m wide Low Tunnel Cloches, 720 Gauge Polydome Film, 800 Gauge Polydome Film, 900 Gauge Polydome Film, Air Circulation Fans, Anchor pegs for crop protection fabrics, Astryn Pond Liner, Automatic Controllers, Bio Green Tunnel Retail Packs, Black Stockproof Windbreak Mesh, Bubble Polythene Insulation, Capillary Matting and self watering trays, Clear Polydome Film, Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheeting, Covertan Fleece, Drip Irrigation Systems, Electric Heaters, Gas Heaters, Green Windbreak Mesh, Ground Cover Cut to Length, Ground Cover rolls and accessories, Hand Watering Equipment, Heatmats, Heavy Duty Two Tier Aluminium Staging, Insect Mesh, Micro Sprayers, Overhead Spraylines, Polydome Polytunnel Shelving, Polythene repair and protection tapes, Pond Liner Underlay, Potting Tidies, Pressure Reducers and Filters, Professional Aluminium Benching, Propagators, Replacement bulbs, Replacement PVC Door Flaps, Side Windows, Slatted Aluminium Staging, Soil Warming Cables, Super 720 Gauge Polydome Film, Supplementary light fixtures, Two Tier Aluminium Staging, Water Supply Kits

to Zenten Butyl Tape.

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Polytunnel Accessories