Poly tunnels for sale


With the winter drawing in it also brings with it the creepy crawlies such a spiders, also the cobwebs that they leave behind. We have heard that Chestnuts (conkers) can deter the spiders from coming in to houses or greenhouses if left in doorways and window sills so we set about putting them in our display glasshouse as the amount of spiders and cobwebs that have formed in them were amazing. 4 weeks ago we wrapped some chestnuts up in netting and attached them to the glasshouse roof. I went over to the display area this morning and in this particular glasshouse there is not a spider or cobweb in sight.

So for us it seems to be working there will be no more getting a face full of cobwebs when walking into the glasshouses.

Ideal Christmas Present

With the time passing so fast and only 7 weeks until Christmas why not get someone a voucher, this can be used towards the purchase of a polytunnel or glasshouse and if the already have one then maybe they can choose from the wide selection of accessories. Indoor growing seems to be the only way forward with the dreadful weather that we have been having and our Budget and Garden Polytunnels suit each individuals needs to make growing all year round more pleasurable.

Frost Prevention

Yet another cold and wet wintery morning. Time to keep the polytunnel warm. You can use bubble wrap, crop protection fleece, and heaters to help with preventing the frost from biting. Also you can make mini cloches to cover anything that is still growing. But remember to ventilate your tunnel and let the moisture out. If you are looking for any of the above frost protectors please contact us on 057 91 20424.

Polytunnel needs for the Winter months

It’s that time of year again when the evenings get dark early and the growing slows down. Before the weather gets colder it would be a good time for sprucing up the tunnel, if your tunnel has algee or is dirty give a gentle clean (washing up liquid and a soft cloth will do the trick). By cleaning your tunnel it will let you make the most of the daylight avalible during the winter period.
If you have a tears, mend them with repair tape so that the wind will not be able to catch them and make them worse. We have a great repair tape which is €26 including postage it comes with cold shock which makes it’s very durable with the weather changing from warm to cold suddenly.
Also avalible we have bubble wrap, heaters and fleece to help protect your plants from the frost. Please give us a ring if you need any advice or if you are looking for a tunnel to get ready for next spring. 057 91 20424